“Working with Jess has always been great! Very straightforward in communication and easy to work with. She doesn’t nickel and dime on time or giving input on things. She seems genuinely interested in contributing and building relationships vs. just booking another client. We pulled her in on a big insurance process revamp and 1.5 years later are still using it and have been able to mold it as our company has grown.”
– Bradley Nelson

“Jess did a great job both cleaning up the insurance billing , and also streamlining, helping me cut costs long term, and increasing profitability . I appreciate all her help, and feel fortunate to have worked with her.”
– Dr. Timothy Roney

“Jess was the first manager I worked with out of hygiene school 10 years ago. Through the years I have not only worked with Jess, but we have become personal friends. I have seen Jess take a failing dental office and turn it into a productive, profitable and sustainable dental practice. Jess creates a climate where both patients and employees are happy and stay long term. Jess not only builds long term relationships with her staff and patients, she also is a great resource and net-worker in every aspect of the dental community. Jess is very dedicated and driven and she thrives on helping all involved in a dental practice succeed.”

“Huge shoutout to Jess for all of her help.  With her attention to detail and expertise, I discovered all the issues my office was having with balancing our books daily.  She was extremely thorough. She was also able to help us get things corrected and develop protocols for our office to streamline our reconciliation process and make sure we are accurately reporting each day/month.  Jess is an invaluable resource for any office! HIGHLY recommend!”
– Dr. Rachel Trueblood